Hi! I’m Jared


I'm a lover of words, writing love stories. Of Dreams and Angels is my debut novel, inspired in part by a dream I had that led me to the love of my life.

I am currently working on my second novel entitled If You Leave, about a man who wakes up eight years in the past, in his old house, in his old marriage. It's the moment right before life goes sideways, and he's offered the chance to avoid the mistakes of his past. The catch? Back in the present, he's met the love of his life. Which direction will he choose?

I'm married to the gorgeous, inimitable Erin Skye Kelly, author of the bestselling Get the Hell Out of Debt. We have four amazing children, and we live near the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Which is lovely, but after innumerable Canadian winters, we're ready for sand and sun. We get quite a kick out of this thing called life, and we're grateful to be here. We're grateful you're here, too.

Stay up to date with us here, or on Instagram @jaredwrites.

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